The all new Thermomix® TM6™

Designed with passion

The Thermomix® TM6™ can perform up to 20 different functions and techniques in one digitally powered countertop appliance. Quality designed, with one stainless-steel bowl, state-of-the-art mixing knife, precision heating element and an integrated scale the TM6™ does it all! From meal prep to clean up, the TM6™ makes homemade cooking effortless.

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The Next Generation of Thermomix®

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The most versatile kitchen
appliance on the planet

Where other appliances fall short in delivering complete, gourmet meals, the TM6™ can whisk, caramelize, brown, chop, steam, sauté, blend, boil, knead, emulsify + so much more all with the touch of a button.

  • 20 culinary functions and techniques

  • New features include Slow Cooking, High Temperature, Sous Vide and Fermentation

  • Save time, eat healthy, and cook effortlessly
  • We're changing the way you cook

    A quad core processor is seamlessly integrated in the TM6™, powering the Cookidoo® platform. The recipe platform offers more than 40,000 Guided Cooking recipes developed by Thermomix® test kitchens and top chefs from around the world.

  • Each recipe step is preset with time, temperature and Speed

  • Guided Cooking allows home cooks of all skill levels to execute recipes with ease, from the simple to the extraordinary
  • Endless inspiration at your fingertips

    The Thermomix® TM6™ screen features a 6.8” wide, full color touchscreen display, making it easy to explore, plan and learn.

  • The digital eco-system keeps you organized with shareable shopping lists, customizable recipe collections + more

  • Cookidoo®is also accessible via App to plan meals ahead while on the go
  • Never get bored with Cookidoo®

    Choose from more than 40,000 recipes developed worldwide, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions to make putting a delicious meal on the table easier than ever before.

  • Recipes for every taste and dietary need

  • Preparing foolproof meals – from simple to extraordinary – is quick and streamlined
  • Built to last

    Thermomix® has been revolutionizing kitchens across the world since 1961.

  • German engineered and manufactured

  • Smart appliance connects and updates over Wi-Fi automatically

  • Feed your inner foodie

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